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For Pokemon Trainers

You can participate in Lure Deals in two ways. If you want to get exclusive deals for Pokemon Trainers, you can get notified of when a deal pops up via SMS in your area!

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Make Money with Lure Bounties!

You can make money by placing Lures on specific spots! We need Pokemon Trainers who are conquering this brave new world and want to make a little extra side money doing so!

We get requests for lures to be placed, and if it’s within your area, we’ll notify you! The first person that places the lure on that spot gets the bounty!

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For Businesses

Bring the world of Pokemon into your world. Millions of Pokemon Trainers are roaming the world right now, looking to find Pokemon. Could it be within your store or restaurant? Drastically increase the foot traffic for your business with this new phenomena!

How Does it Work?
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You set a deal and choose a block of time you want to run the deal.
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We’ll announce your deal through our LureDeal Network of Nearby Pokemon Go users
Watch New Customers Discover you for the first time! (and not the last!)

Based on retail statistics, stores who are embracing Pokemon Go are seeing a 10-20% increase in daily revenue!

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Sign up and you'll be the first to know about deals in your area, as well as reported RARE Pokemon spottings!

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